Engpro International excels in developing and managing civil engineering projects in Uganda, offering innovative, cost-effective solutions. With an emphasis on quality, safety, and efficiency, Engpro has established itself as a reliable partner, fostering sustainable infrastructure and promoting economic growth in the region.

Building & Civil Works

Engpro is a prominent firm that offers a comprehensive range of EPC and project management services in the civil works and building sector. Their technical expertise covers a diverse range of projects, such as bridge engineering, road works, housing units, commercial, education, medical, and cultural facilities. Engpro’s quality and cost control procedures begin with pre-construction input and extend throughout the project life cycle. They have a track record of delivering projects on time and within budget, making them a reliable partner for executing successful civil works and building construction projects.


Leveraging its vast experience in civil engineering and agriculture, as well as its abundant material and human resources, Engpro has taken a proactive approach towards the development of Uganda’s irrigation infrastructure. The company provides a wide range of services for various aspects of the irrigation sector, either directly or in partnership with local and international firms.


In response to the rapidly expanding aquaculture industry in Uganda, our company has taken proactive measures to expand our operations in this sector. We offer a comprehensive range of services that cover all aspects of aquaculture projects, including design, procurement, project management, and construction. Our services are provided directly or through partnerships with local and international firms, enabling us to provide a diverse range of solutions to meet the needs of our clients in the aquaculture industry.

Dam Engineering.

ENGPRO is the local sector leader in the development, Management, and Implementation of Dams Structures in Uganda. We play a significant role on a national scale to improve Uganda’s Dam sector on its rice water resource.