Construction News

Aquaculture is the way to go as a way of transforming the fishing industry. The European Union through Ministry of Finance, Planning & Economic Development gave a Grant of €10m towards Mwena Aquaculture Park in Kalangala and Apac. These projects will not only transform the Fishing Industry from subsistence farming to modern farming but create job opportunities for young people in Uganda. The Kalangala Fish Hatchery €10m project was handed to Engpro International for development by the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries on 12th /march /2020 by Hon. Hellen Adoa, the Minister of State for Fisheries at the Kalangala District

E-commerce is rapidly growing as the number of internet users is also steadily growing as indicated by previous reports. For the year 2018, Forbes magazine ranked Uganda in the seventh spot of countries with the highest internet penetration in Africa. One of the main factors of this growth is rapid growth in telecommunications users and the widespread use of mobile money payments. As a matter of fact, commercial banks in Uganda have implemented the mobile money services where one can electronically transfer funds to a retailer or an individual.The construction industry has not been left behind with this new shift