The best way to buy building materials

Tuzimbe is an online store in Uganda that deals in the largest collection of construction materials that you can access in just one click. Our goal is to provide as well as deliver the best building and construction materials in the fastest and most convenient way to all parts of Uganda. We also have a physical hardware in Kampala which is located in Bweyogerere, Opposite Fuelex Petrol Station/Next to Mamerito Hotel.

Tuzimbe is trusted and used by many clients, architects, suppliers and subcontractors to ease construction work by availing you with a number of benefits such as;
* Convenience; Tuzimbe gives the customer an opportunity to shop anywhere and at anytime without the hustle of dealing with long lines and crowds. Are you on the go? Are you in a meeting? Are you at work? Tuzimbe has got you covered as you can order for your materials and they will be delivered to your site in no time.

*Saves time; As they say, time is money and Tuzimbe is here to make sure you don’t lose any of your money while moving from place to place looking for building and construction materials. Tuzimbe provides a variety of materials and in just one click, you will be served without any trouble.

*Low Prices; Tuzimbe gives you the best saving deals as the materials are offered to you at very affordable prices that you can only get from here. Tuzimbe purchases these materials at whole sale prices and sells them to the customers at an affordable price.

* Quality; As Tuzimbe, quality is at the top of our priority list while choosing materials for our customers because we believe that it is what you deserve. All our products are checked by a team of professionals to ensure that we provide the best there is.

As a matter of fact, Tuzimbe goes beyond just equipping you with quality building and construction materials by offering accessibility to experienced construction professionals such as engineers, architects, plumbers and carpenters.
Click on tuzimbe.ug and enjoy shopping with Tuzimbe by using its flexible payment methods to purchase any material of your choice.